Looters Trip, Fall While Rushing Out Of Long Beach Store

Several looters were seen stumbling out of a store they were stealing merchandise from Sunday afternoon.

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  1. American Born Patriot.

    Liberal Progressive Democrat's plantation slaves right there, y'all.

  2. Brandon Lee

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  3. Nelson Nolasco

    If you want to respected and heard, dont destroy or steal. Stealing and destroying things is not the answer.

  4. StolidMercury26

    Boys in da hood


    This is unbelievable!

  6. Tyler Durdon

    They did this for george
    Not that one soros

  7. Rob You

    This is kinda funny

  8. Anthony Morris

    What happens once there's no food left no shops no way of surviving what then , dick heads

  9. Nunya Biz

    If anger is the excuse to destroy someone else's livelihood then it's only fair if the fed up victims burn down all their homes right? What's fair is fair. Justice for all. Peace, equality, blah blah blah.

  10. Dea Dea

    This is idiotic.
    There’s not one thing worth stealing imho
    Those who stole from that Weed store or whatever you call those “dispensaries”, and the karate studio, and the hair salon. Are you kidding? These aren’t “protesters”.
    The more I think about it, I wonder if the property owners themselves didn’t arrange it in a few of the cases.

  11. Hs 4a08

    Smh way the go. We are our own fkn downfall. Its not even about BLM. This is exactly the fkn reason why we get no respect.

  12. Matthew Nguyễn Lang

    We got your faces looters!

  13. Hassan Khan

    CANDACE OWENS is the only black person in 2020 that's real talking and a true respect worthy human. Listen to Candace Owens' opinion on the so called black uprising (opportunity to steal in other words).

  14. oklahomaisok

    Too Bad someone didn’t throw a couple of buckets of soapy water down in front of the door so everyone would slip & fall as they ran out.

  15. Mia M

    Theres camaras there should be arrested

  16. Mia M

    Supposedly BLM and WLM, look at that doing bad things and stealing .

  17. Larry Gilreath

    All these pictures of these thugs that are robbing these stores right here they should catch him up pretty obvious who they are you can see their faces

  18. Glenn Redwine

    i am a sub teacher locally, if I have any kids who brag about looting stores in LB I am calling the Police and reporting them.

  19. Zen Der

    My wife was upset cause I voted for Trump after so much of this dumb shit. She is now going to vote Trump in 2020.

  20. William Spencer


  21. TieFighter34

    Should of fell on some sharp glass.

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