🎄 Magical Christmas Lights Display in Naples Island, Long Beach CA | Night Walking Tour 【4K】

It’s the time of the year where residents of Naples Island lit up their houses with amazing display of Christmas lights and decorations. These multi-million real estate transform into winter wonderland, making it one of the most visited places in SoCal during holiday season. Aside from strolling around, you can ride a gondola which will take you a tour around the island via Naples canal.

Recording Date: December 2018

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  1. Ilias Sarris

    Fantastic video, thank you so much! Happy holidays!

  2. Leandro RR Silva


  3. oum tasnim

    Merci infiniment, si je me suis abonnemée à votre chaîne et qui d'ailleurs me plaît bien, c'est pas pour un voyage virtuelle, c'est parce que je suis atteinte d'une maladie dite la dépendance visuelle. Vos vidéos me servent de supports de rééducation. Vous aidez ainsi toute une famille car je suis mère de 3 enfants. Merci.

  4. Leandro RR Silva

    Happy new year may friends travel videos

  5. Matheus Lima

    A perfect scenario for a Hitman franchise game.

  6. Ivan Flores

    Untill what time can west go?

  7. starsapphire2013

    Happy Holidays and A Very Happy New Year! Living vicariously through your videos until I get to come down to LA for my grad school!

  8. Tam i z powrotem

    Amazing illuminations and Christmas decorations

  9. Kitchywac

    I love my city! LBC! The diversity is such a beautiful thing. Reminds me of a 300 year younger New Orleans

  10. Valentina

    I was like a child in fairyland…..just beautiful….thank you!

  11. Zagros 2019

    L. I. K. E.

  12. Creative Tips

    What street do you access to get there?

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