Martha and Alan: Wedding Film at Surf City Yacht Club in Long Beach Island, NJ

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  1. zibik

    amazing movie…
    How did you record a voice from the oath? its so clear.
    Greetings from Poland!

  2. Michal Spišiak

    Amazing video, as always. Did you shoot some of it at 1080p 120fps? Just guessing, because of I can see a lot of slow mo.

  3. LifeVideoProd

    Epic work Mr Adams, love it.

  4. Tech Notice

    is it just me or does the audio cut off in the end??? 5:47

  5. Jon Baxter

    3:14 The guy in the white shirt is thinking "S*** I should have come up with a better speech"

  6. Lahm Produtora

    I also realized that it was the second camera of the other video, congratulations for the wedding Alan Kipping, and Kraig for the beautiful movie!

  7. Cinematography Database

    the backlight added so much to the dance/dinner scene. Amazing what you captured at a live event like this 🙂

  8. Conrad Mavundla

    what picture profile was used?

  9. JohnMark Datingaling

    Hey! It's Allan! Your 2nd shooter or someone that looks like your 2nd shooter. Haha.

  10. Alan Murphy

    I Got Married!! Thank you to Kraig, Ben and Danny!

  11. Emil Surin

    that shoot 3:07 with

  12. Alex Lewis

    Hahaha I loved his first look reaction ; they seem like a really cool couple to work with. Great job.

  13. Luis Miguel Silva

    How do you capture a perfect and clean audio from the fiance and the bride at 2m 18s and 2m, 33s?
    Nice work as usually.

  14. Ben Arnoux

    Great work Kraig!! I'm sure Alan was super hyped to have you shoot his wedding.

  15. GL Video

    what was your picture style? and settings

  16. Paweł Marczuk

    Great job and nice wedding.
    I never saw so much slow motion in your video Kraig. In my opinion few shoots are out of focus

  17. Alex Neugroschl

    What songs were used?

  18. Jeremy Foster

    Amazing. Hope there's BTS video coming up

  19. Connor Morgan

    Whaaaaatttt, I live right across the bridge and am a wedding videographer on the island! Found your channel a few months ago, small world.

  20. Jewil Logmao

    he used to be your second shooter right?

  21. Paul Hall

    Were the toasts from you draping the mic in front of the speakers? That audio sounded perfect! 🙂

  22. Rafael Cabral

    Hey man! Amazing Job. Congrats! Im really curious to know a little bit more about the way that you catch the audio on the weddings. I didn't see the Bride using any Microphone or something, and the audio sounds PERFECT! I´ve been having problems with the audio recording on my weddings. Can you help me? Hugs from Brazil. Take Care.

  23. Fat Beets

    Hi Kraig. First off, I love your work. You seem to have a knack for knowing what the camera sees and piecing it all together. I'd be really interested in working with you. I live near the Jersey Shore, but travel to Brooklyn or any of the boroughs is not a problem. I'm primarily a photographer, but very much into videography. I have two Canon bodies and 4 lenses including a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 is. I have a full-time job unrelated to photography, but work some weekends for Milestone Photo booths. I can be reached at Thank you for your time.

  24. Wedding Film School

    We just posted the behind the scenes video of how we shot this wedding!

  25. KingStivan

    so stressful :S i could never do it QQ but you make it look so easy :> great film and congrats to the couple ^^

  26. Marek Kowalski

    Beautifull video Kraig! Are you filming in 4k and scaling to 1080p?

  27. jackrubycrew

    Great edit. The BTS was excellent. The music at the end of this ended a bit abrupt. Looking forward to seeing more.

  28. SharpStudios0

    Jezz that came out so freaking good, there was no shot though of the flag retreat?

  29. Art'n'Ally

    This movie is such a beauty. Stunning, simple and full of thought and emotion.

  30. Rapwizz


  31. SVP Salles Vídeo Produções EDVALDO SALLES MENDES

    Friend I am your fan, very beautiful your work, I got very, very, perfect.

  32. León Muñoz

    Hola! soy de Perú, tengo una pregunta. ¿ cuanto tiempo duran los videos completos de la boda que entregas? me refiero si existe un video largo.
    Otra pregunta es ¿como entregas el trabajo a los clientes. ?

  33. victor dabre

    most of your shot gone out focus

  34. Stuart F

    Love the edit, grey day……but you made it shine! Great job.

  35. AlexAROLD

    Hello, forgive me my english .. I want to ask you a question. Do your movies always last 6 minutes? Is this a trailer?

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