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To the Editor:
I went to our Beach front Haven Memorial Day services. There were about 250 persons there, some with youthful kids. I was contemplating that even in New Jersey, the place taxation is a way of existence, there continue to are patriotic people, albeit mostly previous codgers like me who try to remember how items employed to be.
A number of folks there ended up real veterans from Korea and Vietnam and perhaps 1 or two from WWII. But there were being a whole lot of children there, as well, with their mothers and fathers and Boy Scouts symbolizing the community chapter.
I reflected on my boyhood 81 a long time ago when WWII begun, remembering the working day Pearl Harbor was hit. Dad and I have been acquiring an ice product cone at a local retailer when we listened to the story. As younger as I was, 4, that party is seared in my memory. As the war raged and there had been considerations the Germans would bomb the U.S., Father was manufactured the community air raid warden due to the fact he was just too aged to be named up. Absolutely everyone was issued or made black window shades that had to be pulled down for the duration of an air raid. He would be out examining to make confident all people did it. As the war in the Pacific intensified, two of our relatives were hurt on aircraft carriers that have been attacked.
So, as I sat there on Memorial Day, I mirrored on how the country has improved, with 90% of the populace not right here or born in the course of that period. Quite a few have no emotion or care about the that means of Memorial Day, other than it is a holiday getaway.
Now for the entertaining section. I had a undesirable tumble two months ago and didn’t know I experienced harm myself till that evening, when sitting in an simple chair with my iPad, I felt my brow and it was loaded with blood. I had a significant bump and an injured shoulder the place the agony had just begun. That developed into a significant black eye and currently being advised I needed a walker. So I reluctantly acquired one particular, contemplating back to the Uma Thurmond film “The Producers.” There was a scene from Moments Square wherever a parade of previous women danced up the road in their walkers. It was hilarious. But I required no component of that.
On Memorial Working day I fashioned a board across my walker so when you open it up, there are rails on either side where a seat could be fitted. With that I could sit at the event in my walker.
At the most solemn stage in the function, when they have been actively playing “Amazing Grace” on a bagpipe, there was a large crash. The board I was sitting down on broke in 50 percent and I bounced down on to the ground, trapped inside of the walker cage. Folks rushed to my aid, extricated me from my walker and gave up an additional seat for me to sit on, managing me fondly like I had Alzheimer’s.
So in just one fell swoop I went from jogging off deal with to needing to be rescued from my personal walker, which I experienced hardly used but. Now I’m concerned to use it for anxiety it will chunk me in the driving. But daily life goes on. I’ll survive with a black eye and Tylenol.
John MacWilliams
Newark, Del., and The Dunes

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