Metal Detecting Coney Island Beach After Hurricane Isaias: First Low Tide

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I attempted to go to Jones Beach and then Tobay Beach and then Long Beach….and ended up metal detecting Coney Island during the first low tide after the hurricane. The beach was PACKED with treasure! Hurricane Beach Metal Detecting

Hello, my name is Merrill Kazanjian and I am a metal detectorist. This is a teaching channel where you will learn metal detecting techniques and gain knowledge. My channel, Metal Detecting NYC is a good place to learn metal detecting 101 on youtube.

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I am a teacher and my channel will show you how to metal detect for beginners all the way through advanced techniques for metal detectorists. I am the owner of a Minelab Safari Metal Detector, a Garrett AT Pro (at pro metal detector youtube), a WOT coil and I can teach you how to recover the deepest of targets with a metal detector. My metal detecting finds include many gold and platinum rings and early American coins as well as British Colonial coins and Spanish Colonial Coins. Metal detecting is a hobby that millions of people around the world do. All you need to try is a metal detector some batteries, a digging tool and some patience. My first metal detector cost 30 dollars at BJ’s and I dug enough signals to buy my first “real” metal detector with the change that I found with the 30 dollar toy model. I decided to start Metal detecting on Youtube because I feel the need to teach what I know. It has been a life changing activity for me and I want to share what I know. It is my hope that Metal Detecting NYC can become one of the biggest metal detecting youtube channels. My beach instructional videos include (or will include soon) , “metal detecting dry sand”, (choosing a) “metal detecting sand scoop” and “surf hunting”. On land, I use the website historic aerials to survey the history of a site so that I can continue metal detecting old homesites and other places with a lot of history. Subscribe to my channel to see my metal detector finds for 2019. I will find many deep coins while metal detecting mind blowing metal detecting metal detecting top 10 metal detecting bucket list first metal detector live metal detecting beach combing metal detector signal how to find deep silver what silver looks like minelab safari metal detector historic aerials finders club lost items metal detecting lost vacation sunken treasure washed up lost bling family friendly metal detecting minelab metal detecting videos Sondler Sondengaenger Sondeng Golddetektor Metallsonde Metalldetektor detectorismo sondel detektor Metalldetektoren Schatzsuche sondeln Detektoren ανιχνευτή μετάλλων polatidis detectando de metales aventura tesoros metaaldetectie Detektor kovu DEDEKTÖR cerca metalli détecteur de métaux schatzsuchen 희귀 동전 금속탐지기 레전드 희귀한동전 수집사금 금캐기

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  1. Dakota

    what did the front of that gold ring say? Could anyone make it out

  2. Lachezar Nedev

    Day 1 of keeping the YouTube algorithm aware of you.

  3. Michael Antonacci

    They say when you find lead the gold isn't far behind. Take care stay safe.

  4. charlie Alleman

    Gold hit $2000 an oz.


    Officer I'm just looking for loot "OH you're a looter" Nooooooo!

  6. Irene Fitzkee


  7. Irene Fitzkee

    That is an old bullet!

  8. Silver Wrench

    I get so excited when u drop your vids. I look forward to every single one!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!

  9. Nick Haas

    Always good to unlock Sushi!

  10. Richard Ramsey

    Thanks for all the tips and inspiration!!!

  11. Tracy Behling. Tracy's Treasures

    Nice ring

  12. Stephen Short

    just want to let you know gold prices are at a all time high over 2000 an oz. Might want to sell your gold while the price is at its highest ever in world history.

  13. Mike Burns

    Silver at 28 dollars a once,hey you should get yourself a oven and refined your gold,contact the coin guy from Florida, from spectacular

  14. Gabriel Barlow

    HOLY SHIT, be safe out there merril

  15. Coin Antics

    Brass would most likely be the alloy used in reducing the gold to 14k… copper is used in Rose gold….. keep up the good work.. enjoy every video

  16. Rc journeyz

    Maybe they had there own detecterers so they get all the good stuff first

  17. Safarikitty

    So…where does one cash in a Gold item if its 2K an Ounce?

  18. Ginger Nation

    Awesome! Can't wait to see what u find on your next beach hunt..

  19. Greg Kennedy

    Will you get to 100 rings? Will your silver coin box be filled? Or Will your 1000 dollar clad coin goal be fulfilled? Wich will be first? Let's tune in…."NEXT MERRILL VIDEO!! NEXT MERRILL TIME! Lol

  20. AJ Vosse

    Good on you Merrill… you'd better get to all the beaches before they lock them all away again!!

  21. Brian Sparks

    I found a 9ct stamped ring in the wet sand with green lumps on ,when I got it checked the gold content had gone up to 18ct the sea had purified the gold content Worth checking.

  22. Jeffrey robinson

    Your right persistance pays that was a great hunt enjoyed it and the talk it rattled on a bit but hey you were tierd now go to sleep see you in the next one if i'm invited

  23. wendel Hose

    Old historic schooll ovals i have had a lot of luck tryed the update after rain today 1834 silver yes /love your channel get some sleep cheers from oz

  24. mick balton

    Welcome to the super storm beach.the never ending patch.we have counts of most objects dug in a day often beat need to carry some red bull or coffee. For such moments

  25. Erik Szewczyk

    Merrill your a beast. That bullet looked old. Can you update us on that?

  26. Doug Tisdale

    No cop patrolling a closed beach?

  27. J McGhee

    Question: Have you downloaded any of the available updates (2.0-3.0) onto your equinox?

  28. richard lebutt

    How many miles are your beaches from you

  29. Ray Mason

    Merrill I’m inspired! I’m going to break into the fun club! I just bought an Ace 400 and a Nox 800 for me and my girlfriend!

  30. Ray Mason

    Btw your vids are some of the best out there!

  31. Reebs46

    Hi Merrill, I enjoy your videos!! I have a question relating to your Equinox. Did you update the software to the 3.0 and if you have, do you notice a difference?

  32. WildDigger

    Sweet gold! GL&HH Matt

  33. John McGlynn

    Hey what’s up man I’m just getting into metal detecting and I live right here by coneyisland right on Cropsey I’d love to go with you one day and grab some pointers 6467630318 John shoot me a text

  34. Golden Manatee

    You should sell your finds monthly and add that to the chart to get a true value for your work! Would be great to see exactly what you can make with the metals you find. I get it if you want to build the collection hard to find a channel that actually sells the finds though. Overall good stuff man my kids love the unlocked part of your videos and I enjoy your commentary. You are finding better stuff than I find here in Florida nice work!!!

  35. Adventures With Ed Huffman

    Great Video and Congratulations on the GOLD!

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