MISCELLANEOUS CATCHES from the Manahawkin Bay (TLFF) (Surf City, NJ) #LBI

After carrying out a total TOGGING session at the Barnegat Inlet, my close friend David Ho (Symplex Fishing:) and I decided to scout the again bay for unique Species of fish!

Our results ended up pretty exciting!!!

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  1. Splifty

    Niceeee vid cant wait to see more!

  2. Jonathan Speirs

    Hi leo, what bait did you use?

  3. Da Man68108

    Nice i was in suft city

  4. Fra a Llot

    if u think tog r delicious, u should have tried that northern puffer. they r incredibly delicious.

  5. Joseph NY Wayfarer

    That puffer release was awesome! What a bellyflop

  6. Dwayne Sudduth

    Pipefish..cool.. Love seeing those and their cousins the Sea Dragon and Seahorse!

  7. TheRealCptPrice


  8. LB Fishing

    Some interesting side species~

  9. Daniel R7

    rip pipe fish

  10. Jake Lewis

    Hey Leo when u go to south Florida next time go to the dania pier for good saltwater fishing but if u want good freshwater fishing go to CB smith park and use some shiners or live worms

  11. Catfish_ cody785

    Heck yea thats pretty awesome he puffed up i would kept him and threw in a tank lol

  12. SaysClanHD

    Those fish are Croaker's not perch

  13. William Smith

    When I was a small boy we lived in Beach Haven. We used to have a swimming beach on the intracoastal side of the island. We'd use dip nets in the grass and catch those pipefish. Being a small boy, I had no idea how cool they are,,,,I live in Florida now, since 1968 and I've never caught a pipefish here.

  14. Hunter's Fishing Adventures

    dude leo im trying to start a career fishing and i need your help so i need some supplies even hooks would help my phone is 7703499066 please respond

  15. David Helme

    That first fidh looked a tiny little bit like a snook

  16. Plentiful chaos

    Dude where did you go i have been waiting and waiting for a new vid dude how you doing

  17. Ce Bear

    3:11 That’s a gar

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