Misdirected Energy Policy Is Harmful to National Security

The present-day strength plan of the Biden and Murphy administrations that depends on offshore wind farms, i.e. “green vitality,” fails to satisfy simple desires and promotes reliance on foreign fossil sources this kind of as oil and fuel from Russia and the Middle East. 
The U.S. is no for a longer time electricity unbiased and is purchasing oil from Russia and the Middle East. In simple fact, the Biden administration has been encouraging these nations to improve oil creation to hold costs decrease for gasoline and other petrochemical desires in this place. It can be argued that amplified U.S. and European dependence on Russian oil and gasoline has provided Russia with amplified revenues to fund its military services, and for some in Europe to at first balk at sanctions on Russian aggression in Ukraine and in other places. We could be generating these fossil fuels at residence and exporting them to Europe to lower their dependence on Russia. 
Russia has not long ago signed agreements to market 100 million tons of coal to China and 40 million tons of coal to India, to gas coal-burning energy crops. Both countries are making a wide number of new coal-fired energy vegetation that will add drastically to world-wide local weather adjust. What the federal government is proposing for offshore wind on the East Coastline of the U.S. will not have a substantial effect on world wide local climate alter, and will be far overshadowed by greater coal burning in China and India. Yet, we look eager to sacrifice our oceans to offshore wind farms owned and created by overseas organizations.   
As a consequence of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, Germany has just reversed its thinking pertaining to reliance on inexperienced power, like offshore wind vitality, and is wanting again to nuclear and coal. We have to rethink our course in the U.S., too.  
Offshore wind farms threaten endangered suitable and fin whales and sea turtles, take out obtain to large parts of industrial fishing in our oceans, impede ship navigation and reduce shipping basic safety, and threaten shore economies and tradition. In addition, as resources of intermittent electrical power, without having offered power storage, offshore wind farms are not base load electrical power programs. The wind will not always cooperate in assembly power demands. Also, as numerous have cited, the value of offshore wind is on the get of a few times better than other strength techniques. 
How will offshore wind farms be guarded? At 10, 20, 30 and 40 or extra miles offshore, the wind turbines, substations and cables will be vulnerable to destruction from terrorists and hostile nations. The Coast Guard does not have the methods to shield hundreds or hundreds of wind turbines. In time of conflict the Navy will be centered on the bodily stability of the country. A person has only to try to remember for the duration of Planet War II the sinking of ships by German submarines within vision of Lengthy Beach Island. With the sizeable volume of offshore wind creating capability prepared by the Biden and Murphy administrations, we could be with out electrical power, jeopardizing countrywide security. Onshore amenities can be improved protected.
The Bureau of Ocean Strength Administration in February 2022 awarded leases in the New York Bight, just off the Jersey coast, that will increase hundreds if not thousands of windmills to our offshore surroundings. Various areas are farther offshore than the initial leases. Despite the fact that moving offshore wind farms farther from shore may perhaps decrease visible impacts, it does not address threats to business fishing, impacts on important fish habitat and endangered species and other environmental impacts, will not reduce hazardous navigational difficulties, and it will further more enhance offshore wind electricity expenses. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not the remedy.  
As I have published in several letters and in commentary to The SandPaper, options for cleanse, renewable strength exist onshore. We do not need to have to foul the oceans. The tale in the March 2 problem of The SandPaper about the opportunity use of the Oyster Creek station site for a new, compact, modular nuclear plant is one illustration of an onshore alternative. Other folks consist of use of hydrogen as a transportation gasoline and to generate electrical power, and incorporating more effective merged cycle potential to existing purely natural fuel electric-producing facilities to lower emissions of greenhouse gases.  
Offshore wind is not the resolution. Let us not go down the completely wrong street that imperils national security and negatively impacts the setting and professional fishing, and qualified prospects to unwanted, better expenditures of vitality, the thread of our financial system and a predominant supply of amplified inflation. 
Must we be entitled to endorse offshore wind that threatens commercial fishing and the extinction of the correct whale and other endangered species when other, cleanse possibilities are obtainable? I really don’t feel so. Let your governor, mayor, congressman and other elected officers know how you experience.  
Jim Binder of Surf Town is a specialist engineer.

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