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Gail Travers
October 14, 2020

To the Editor:
In the debate last week, the Democratic vice presidential applicant skipped the chance to solution two important queries.
Very first, do you and Vice President Biden approach to pack the court docket need to you acquire this election? She prevented what to me was an appropriate respond to. She ought to have reported that if President Trump and Senate Leader McConnell agree to withdraw their nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, the Dems would concur to not broaden the court if they earn the election. If the GOP insists on ramming through this nomination (Trump’s third) to a life time appointment, then “we’ll see.” If Biden wins and the Dems get the the vast majority in the Senate, then I would recommend 4 new members to make it a fortunate 13 on the court docket.
The next concern requested Harris for a prepare to battle the expansion of white supremacy teams. Effectively, just as the FBI did in Michigan, the remedy lies in the FBI’s skill to infiltrate these extremist businesses and get them down. With the recent administration’s unwillingness to address the urgent difficulty, I was upset in Harris’ failure to progress a workable system and show her ability to progress a thoughtful remedy. My guess is that the FBI is presently operating along these lines. It would have been to her gain to allow viewers know she’s 100 p.c guiding moving aggressively to take down these dislike teams.
Mike Kistner
Ship Base

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