MONSTER STRIPED BASS – Long Beach Island, New Jersey – BREAKS REEL HAND LINED IN – My Personal Best #LBI

MONSTER STRIPED BASS – Prolonged Beach Island, New Jersey – BREAKS REEL HAND LINED IN – My Individual Finest
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  1. Notable Catch

    🙁 That's the spot that I go to every weekend! Till what I told you in your last video. 🙁

  2. Adam Izbicki


  3. Harry Seeto

    Way to GO Paulie! Fish On! That was a nice fish! Got to get you on those girls from the shore. 😀

  4. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

    Nice Roshi

  5. FishingWithBruno

    Dude that was nuts!! That momma was huge!! Awesome job bro!!!

  6. Fisker Outdoor Adventures

    Now that was exciting to watch. Great content bro. Always remember who took you to catch your first striper though!

  7. Fisherman's Headquarters

    Awesome times bro!!! Super stoked to have met you guys. Was great to get out there and catch some fish. Thank you for coming to the area for a visit. Hope you are back soon!

  8. Mario Moreno

    That was nice good job

  9. Joseph Amore

    Nice fish dude great video

  10. Juan S

    Erica has a chance at catching a LUNKER.

  11. Juan S

    Sorry for Erica. Next time.

  12. Peter Ranieri II

    That’s the new penn battle that busted on you?

  13. Matthew Acevedo

    im going this weekend I went 2 weeks ago an caught some monsters off a boat an if u wanna catch some monsters an guarantee higher ratio of big fish a boat is ur best bet

  14. The Line Cook

    Paulie this video was EPIC!!! Good to see you guys fish in NJ!! You’ve had more luck then I’ve had… still plenty of run left. Hand lined that PIG of a fish!! Great job guys!!!!!

  15. jill sam

    You guys from Li or Jersey?

  16. Victor Tobares


  17. Michael schaeffer

    Awesome bro!

  18. cityfisherman89

    way to go the big girls are still around for a little while !!!

  19. Richard Fuchs

    Congratulations on your pb. Was going to ask what happened in jersey when I saw you guys Sunday. Guess it beat the rats Sunday. Oh by the way. BOAT FISH DON’T COUNT!!!! Lol.

  20. Dan Midgette

    I think that jersey girl just wanted a kiss from you… good luck and enjoy your adventure. Thanks for sharing.

  21. cityfisherman89

    scope patch just go to the doctor u should be good

  22. Marbilucho 11

    Dude That Was Awesome

  23. Anthony Criscuola

    That is insane ! Great road trip.

  24. chuck dumas

    Congrats bro nice work getting her in

  25. CRE

    Congrats, Cool!!!

  26. Tanyon Borg

    I Love to see you guys fishing in some of my home waters. You guys put a beating on the stripers down here in LBI and so stoked to see my home town on video. love the content and am looking forward to seeing more.

  27. Bruce Demoranville

    Congratulations on the PB. You were on fire. I am truly happy for you.
    Sweet Parker kept you safe in that snotty water. I had a Parker 23, best boat I have owned by far.
    Great video once again.

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