More than two dozen lifeguards from two New Jersey beach towns, Harvey Cedars an…

More than two dozen lifeguards from two New Jersey beach towns, Harvey Cedars and Surf City, have tested positive for the coronavirus after having been together socially, authorities said. 🏖️⁠

Mayor Jonathan Oldham of Harvey Cedars said island health officials alerted the borough to the cluster Thursday and the lifeguards were being quarantined until they are cleared by doctors. Long Beach Island’s health director told WHYY that the guards were apparently together at two “social gatherings” earlier this month.⁠

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  1. ralphismyhero

    Oh no! Too bad they only have a 98% chance to survive, just terrible

  2. vseide


  3. welliesandbrollies

    Not surprised. No social distancing going on at the beach.

  4. lucky_a100

    Cabs are here!

  5. joncaz66

    So what does that mean???

  6. newyorkeraroundtheworld

    How many more positive tests before our government officials get a fucking clue and realize we need to shut this shit down and start all over again!

  7. realrena

    So this means it’s in the air

  8. shawn_auddette

    So? 99% rapidly recover.

  9. cschaeffer678

    Maybe they should stop kissing

  10. mgb_lifestyle

    Kissing….sneezing in each others face

  11. _tikki_07

    If only they were protesting in mass crowds they would have been safe from the virus

  12. lulugufi841

    That’s bc they got together to have a few drinks after lifeguarding. Close the bars

  13. roxiepriscilla

    It’s there fault why is everyone acting like every thing is all right NO this is real!!! The more you Ignore the more people will die and it might be you for being so selfish and only thinking of yourself

  14. j.phuska


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