Much Ado About Nothing | The SandPaper


Gail Travers
June 30, 2021

(With Apologies to William Shakespeare)
almost everything and anything at all that issues, is just a small something blended with a entire lot of almost nothing. you consider i’m kidding? this is a poem, not a joke.
you see, it was nothing at all that built the almost everything that turned the one thing you see,
and devoid of the nothing, you wouldn’t be something or something.
you would not be scratching your head suitable now, since your hand is mainly very little, and so is your head, and but for nothing, your everyday living would be a catastrophe. i advised you this was not a joke.
you see, you have to have practically nothing each and every early morning – specifically in your coffee cup, or else there’d be no put to set your morning brew, and without almost nothing in your belly you would not want to flavor your toast.
i imagine we should to honor nothing: shell out far more notice to its position in our lives, possibly rejoice it in its place of the 4th of July this 12 months. imagine about it. we could have a picnic and all deliver very little.
no very hot puppies, no hamburgers, no buns, no potato salad, no beer, no watermelon, no deviled eggs, and nothing at all would not be forgotten. improved however, there’d be no muss, no fuss, no cleanup.
and when we’d all collected, we could sign up for palms in a circle, and cast a squinting eye on something or something, to catch a glimpse of the practically nothing, that is the source of almost everything.
Susan Cummings
West Creek

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