Naples Island Christmas Lights 2020, Long Beach – California #LBI

Naples Island Xmas Lights 2020 in Long Beach is one particular of the prime sites to see the fantastically decorated waterfront houses in southern California. Naples Island in Lengthy Beach front is typically termed the most lovely waterfront in Southern California in the course of the Xmas time. Neighbors and neighborhoods compete for the most fairy-tale look with hundreds of colourful lights almost everywhere. Dates vary every yr, but usually, the lights are on from early December to Christmas. Naples island Xmas lights 2020. Not only are the Christmas lights on Naples the greatest in Extended Seashore, they’re often stated together with the very best gentle shows in the country. Dates change each and every yr, but commonly, the lights are on from early December to Xmas.

Introduction : 00:00
Gorgeous watch : 01:40
Attractive boat : 02:48
Lights with New music : 03:04

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  1. Irene Wang

    Ppl really spent times to decorate their house and let other ppl to enjoy it

  2. Phú Quốc Net

    Naples… tuyệt vời like

  3. fulgur shadow

    good luck
    little sup

  4. Kristen and Sam

    Wow those christmas lights are so amazing! Thank you for sharing and love the videos!

  5. IfWeGoTo

    I'm from CA and never saw the lights in Long Beach… oops! It looks amazing though. I'm glad you got it on camera!

  6. Indian Everywhere

    The light decoration is very beautiful and the Christmas song is great too brother

  7. AlphaTraveler1

    Like 21! The lights are awesome!

  8. Sumi's Home Time

    It’s so amazing ! I miss decorating my home this year

  9. Traveling with Andrew

    Great job! Very beautiful! What camera are you using?

  10. Explorcation

    All of the lights here are so impressive! I really liked the house with the lights to music and the orchestra 🙂

  11. Magellan and Greyhound

    This is great! We have individual families who do amazing stuff to their homes, but not whole areas like this.

  12. وصفات سهلة ومتنوعة

    Woow nice woow

  13. Ben Foshager

    Amazing Christmas light display. Great share.

  14. Kang Komen

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