Nassau County to use helicopters to survey beaches for sharks

Nassau County will use a helicopter to survey the water and lifeguards will do a check before allowing swimming at Long Island’s beaches after two days of shark sightings.

A Hempstead lifeguard spotted a shark at Atlantic Beach around 3 p.m. Tuesday, while a lifeguard at Jones Beach also spotted a shark close to the shore.

The entire strip was then closed for swimming, from Jones beach to Atlantic Beach, for the rest of the day.

There were three shark sightings on Monday afternoon, with the first being a Town of Hempstead lifeguard who reported seeing a significant sized shark near a lifeguard on a surfboard.

They weren’t sure of the exact size, but the shark was just eight to 10 feet away from the shore.

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  1. Armando Sanchez

    Humans are food when in the ocean . Are they that ignorant

  2. K J

    Not wearing mask properly . Nose clip not shaped .

  3. michael jordan

    Cause of death, covid19.

  4. Donny P

    Get on boat and wheel it in on the rod

  5. Armed Archangel

    That is why when I get a shark on my line, he/she ends up in my frying pan!

  6. Alana Weaver

    Sharks have to eat. Humans become part of the food chain whenever they enter the water.

  7. Ji No

    AOC will make a speech that it was ok for the sharks to attack people. They need bread to feed their families !

  8. Andre D

    That should be done in Florida from sun up to sun down everyday of the week !

  9. YeahRIght

    between covid-19, joblessness, crime rate looming and insensitive political leaders, i rather take my chances in the ocean with the sharks

  10. Myster Mysterio

    It's not enough that we have to take caution against the virus that now our life is in danger and threatened by every little thing around us

  11. alex black

    I would not trust the life guards. They look like 12yr old kids.

  12. Stephen Murphy

    That's such a huge waste of money why would Sharks respond to question asked from helicopter's?

  13. Funky Munky

    How about using them to patrol for rioters?

  14. Mag

    Helicopters ??? How about drones,are much,much cheaper.

  15. M McGahn

    The sharks are looking for seals to eat…they attack humans when they mistake them for seals

  16. Kicklighter

    This just in. Sharks are located in the ocean.


    Wait until all the other wild animal's attack….

  18. Anthony

    When over fishing occurs, the sharks have no food so they move closer to land to find it. It's only natural. You have to find a balance and ensure the sharks have plenty of prey to hunt. Because if you take it all away, they'll find other sources of food.. YOU for instance if you're in their water.

  19. Point Blank

    Swim at your own risk! It's the Sharks Waters.

  20. Syed Abbas

    It's ocean of course sharks gonna be in there.its not a swimming pool …..

  21. No Use for a Name

    Tf?.. in the thumbnail, it shows a pic of what looks like a big manta ray got two bites taken out of it by a shark.. but, I see no ray in this video!

  22. michelec492

    You can't understand the moron reporter with her face diaper on….. absolutely ridiculous!!

  23. Ghanjah Man Music

    Due to New York being on shut down the waters are not being transported ships and boats like before the ocean was quite for awhile, due to that Great White Shark are in spots where they normally wouldn't be.

  24. Lynda White

    Why not round up all the so called protesters around the country and use them to feed the Sharks, it would be the only contribution to society those worthless losers have ever done although that might be considered cruelty to animals.

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