New Jersey Nuking | Winter Storm Stella Produces the Best Surf NJ's Seen in Years #LBI

March 14th — day of the 12 months — as found as a result of the lens of Alex DePhillipo.

New Jersey surfers are presently starting off to simply call the again side of Wintertime Storm Stella the greatest matter they have seen because the Doomsday Swell of 2012. And following viewing this edit from Darkish Drop Productions’ mastermind Alex DePhillipo, we may possibly be inclined to agree. “Folks ignore how cold and gnarly this shit is, especially paddling into waves with significant winds,” suggests Alex. “And to assume I pretty much did not even go due to the fact of the climate.” The day’s emphasize? “Rob Kelly is my hero,” Alex affirms. “Palms down, the best wave I have at any time seen/filmed on the East Coast.”

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  1. Julie Lake

    Some of the best surfing camera work I’ve seen

  2. Michael Craig

    Big waves? In Jersey? What beach was this at, and what month, etc.? I used to go to the beach a lot there, tiny brown waves..just a place to cool off, get tan, and it used to be a good place for a teenager meet the girls on the boardwalk at night..Have no clue how it is now.

  3. Frank Schrader

    How much color correction did it take to make the water look that blue?

  4. Zack Hertz

    I'd say that I would surf that but would I really

  5. Timothy Mcnees

    You guys should link up with Ben Gravy that guys New Jersey legend!

  6. Robert Lapin

    Wow. Last barrel on a quad. My old quad would never have held that. Hats off to shaper and rider.

  7. Savvy Preston

    This is a beautiful edit. Thank you! This was really inspiring♥️

  8. Mark Frey


  9. Glenn Huber


  10. Seeking Truth

    Omg that last left Barrel was Insane!!!

  11. bjaminbjamin

    some sick drops right there, tunes and footage.

  12. longliveavalon12

    Just fucking perfect

  13. Todd Salvati

    I come back to this video every so often, so proud of these kids on this day, they were charging. Me? I was at work, and MUCH older than them, I would have gotten my ass handed to me out there. Not sure where Rob and Chris Kelly are these days, a really nice family and they ripped. I wish them the best.

  14. Jerry Kellerman

    Brrr, very nice editing new jersy

  15. Lighten UpFrancis

    Gawd Darn that was huge and heavy!

  16. hank spooner

    As i like to surf nude no way would i get in that freezing sea.

  17. Maybe It's Mindfulness

    But where's Ben Gravy?

  18. Johnny Lightning

    Find your center, hear nothing, feel nothing, just let it happen, be the board, be the board Danny.

  19. John Nevers

    Mute this vid, play it at 0:27, and at the same time play "prices"-lil uzi over this vid, thank me later

  20. Topher Dean

    Oh, this looks promising. I'll be moving to NYC to help my Dad make the transition to the next realm. I live in Hawaii, so it's definitely going to be quite a shocker. I'll have to buy a 5 mil suit.

  21. Alex Madrid

    So good!!L The waves, the surfer's And the music. Congratulations!!!

  22. James Lantzke

    Where is Ben Gravy

  23. Jay Jay

    The waves were massive that day oh my

  24. Dope Dudes

    I surf in New Jersey I wish I could get these kind of waves every day. It is my dream to get a barrel.

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