NIGHT Surf Fishing for Striped Bass – Long Island New York


NIGHT Surf Fishing for Striped Bass – Long Island New York

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My personal Instagram: @getreelbassfishing
Smooch and Release Instagram: @smoochandrelease
Long Island Fishermen Instagram: @longislandfishermen
FishBrain: @getreelbassfishing

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My Surf Gear Used:
Current Pair of Waders – Caddis Neoprene Stocking Foot:
Current Pair of Wading Boots – Korkers with Spikes:
Current Sealed Metal Surf Reel – Tsunami SaltX 4000 Black:
Current Beefy Rod – 10’6″ SaltX Medium Heavy Surf Rod:

Tsunami Talking Popper:
Bucktail Jig:
Penn Spinfisher VI 5500 Surf Reel:
Tsunami Airwave 10ft MH Surf Rod:
Tsunami Trophy II 8ft MH Surf Rod:
KastKing Fishing Line:
PowerPro Fishing Line:
Penn Prevail 9′ Surf Rod:
Penn Fierce 2 Surf Reel:
Penn Conflict 2 4000 Surf Reel:

Gear List
Main Camera Sony A6500:
Sony A6500 Lens:
Sony A6500 Camera Batteries:
Big Camera (Canon 80D) Microphone:
Big Camera (Canon 80D) Lens Polarizer:
Big Camera (Canon 80D) Lens:
Big Camera (Canon 80D):
Big Camera (Canon 80D) Batteries:
GoPro (Hero 6 Black):
GoPro (Hero 6 Black) Spare Batteries:
GoPro (Hero 6 Black) Memory Cards:
GoPro (Hero 6 Black) Mic Adaptor:
GoPro (Hero 6 Black) Mic:
Drone (DJI Mavic Pro) :
Drone (DJI Mavic Pro) Backup Batteries:
Drone (DJI Mavic Pro) Battery Charger:
GoPro Chesty Mount:
Big Camera Tripod:

Pants I wear under my waders:
Warm Weather Gear:

My Inexpensive Surf Gear that gets the job done, clearly…
Fishing Line:
More Fishing Line:
Surf Rod:
Surf Reel:
Other Surf Reel:
Pearl Swim Shad:
Leader Swivel:
Leader Tactical Clip:
Gloves and Pliers:
Wading Bag:

Freshwater Gear:
Abu Garcia Revo X:
PowerPro 20lb Braid:
Spinning Reel:
Spinning Rod:
Favorite Spinnerbait:
Favorite Frogs:
Another Frog:
Lipless Crank:

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  1. S Le


  2. Lawrence Rehm

    Keep at it guys enjoy the outings the fish will come

  3. cityfisherman89

    come over to jersey we geting bass

  4. Avit Info

    Fishing Video without fish

  5. Danny Kalaminsky

    What beach is that? I’m from queens and I never fished a beach

  6. Wei K

    Great efforts in the video~~
    Some nice night photography~

  7. Korey

    I always do well at night around wooden structure and bridges and bridge fenders that have lights that shine in the water… I also feel like it's been hard for me to catch stripers this year. I've gone to the cape cod canal a few times and caught some schoolies.. I caught a nice 35 incher in the neponset river (boston)which has a muddy bottom and marshlands around it. That was at dusk under a bridge though..
    My main tip would be to fish more structures.. rock ledges and turbulent water, docks,bridges and rivers good luck guys!

  8. chuck dumas

    Good video would have been nice if caught but its not always that easy ! I only fish at night . Inlets estuaries, beachs , soft plastics , redfins , metal lip swimmers , the big fish are caught at night!

  9. Not So Retro

    I use a lot of glow in the dark soft baits at night and fish seem to love it. Tuesday night I caught a couple of weakfish, bluefish and striper on south shore

  10. Intents Outdoors

    Good quote

  11. Cube Tollinchi

    That’s pretty much my every fishing attempt!

  12. Xclusive Reef

    It’s too early for bass…

  13. Jimmy C

    This has been the last month and a half for me, no fish. I just got back from porgy fishing, caught a couple keepers, better than getting skunked again. If you get any tips, remember to share the wealth!!

  14. Juan S

    Having that kind of issue would you still look for the sandbar, trough or hole or is it unrecognizable due to the wave surge?

  15. Juan S

    Fishing the night surf i noticed you not using a bell being it's dark and you won't have to stare at the rod being you use a spinning reel. I'm old school and i like using my Penn Surf master conventional reel and setting the drag appropriately you can hear a run off when a fish hits.

  16. OneAndOnlyChi

    Wish I had the time to get out there like you guys do. Great video. Keep enjoying it out there!

  17. Jaimie & Damon

    My number one beach right there. Just hate the parking situation now from all the tourists. It used to be some what a secret years ago only locals went there. If u walk along the beach you’ll catch some. The current is strong in that inlet. I’ve seen so many small boats and jet skis have some trouble in there.

  18. moddkilla

    It’s because of the new moon, know how the moon will affect your fishing before you go out…

  19. justjoeitable

    There are humongous PODS of Medellin from Montauk the Jones Beach depending on the weather 29 to 90 feet of water most of the summer they were right off the beach. After the last hurricane storm whatever that thing was everything seems dead

  20. Jason Zambrana

    Nice video,that is the perfect time to go fishing early morning,even if you don't catch anything. There is always next time. Tight lines! And Stay Safe!

  21. Jason Zambrana

    And you should always try a little shallower water,them stripers tend to come in shallow at night. GOOD LUCK!

  22. Jason Zambrana

    And you guys got some awesome pictures of the beautiful night sky.

  23. Army_Outdoors 88N

    Dude so cool. This was amazing

  24. jorge rivera

    I would like to know where do you fishing on Long Island I’m in Brentwood where out east your fishing at


    fantastic photography and lit video. I also like a soundtrack

  26. tanny Atienza

    I'm from the west coast what is the biggest striped bass you caught? I fish in San Francsco Bay and catch and release the biggest one I caught 45 inches about 35 lbs good luck.

  27. LG Fishing

    Slow roll the lures, they need a chance to see the lure and slow rolling em gives them that extra time to see it and strike it. Good luck bro!

  28. bobinsuffolk

    You’re a clown.
    The old timers would bust a spleen laughing at your childish attempts. If you’re going to be douchy, don’t put it on the internet for prosperity.

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