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Gail Travers
March 02, 2022

To the Editor:
In response to “Is Ukraine Actually a Problem of the US? A Good deal to Ponder” (2/16), Putin has manufactured it clear he wishes to restore the outdated Soviet Union. As these kinds of, he will threaten, invade or weaken cost-free Europe’s independence.
The old Soviet Union involves nations that are now NATO users. It is crystal clear these international locations turned NATO associates not to threaten Putin but to retain their absolutely free will to have self-dedication. Other folks that are not NATO now want to be in NATO since Putin has manufactured his intentions very clear.
The invasion of Ukraine has brought on Putin to be condemned rightfully by the globe. Any observer of the Ukrainian war can see that Ukraine does not want to be underneath the Russian thumb. No rational person would.
We as a men and women have to have to help liberty except we would like to 1 day confront a very similar fate while the relaxation of the world sits on their hands and watches what I simply call the “last most effective hope of mankind.” Flexibility never ever requires a no cost trip. Each individual generation should gain it once more. There are a lot of psychopathic dictators out there.
William Boyd
Brant Seaside

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