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Gail Travers
April 28, 2021

To the Editor:
With regards to “Show Some Enjoy for the Forgotten 22 Percent” (4/21), I have lived in New Jersey my entire life, in both of those north and south, and I know that 22%. It is not neglected.
We lived on the fringe of the Pinelands (Medford) for in excess of 30 years and have been on LBI given that the early 1940s. My family and I have savored the attractiveness and things to do in the Pinelands as they exist and would not want to see numerous of the expanded usages advised by Mr. Horner. We genuinely do not have to have double-large streets as a result of the woods primary to parking loads, picnic tables, trash receptacles and port-a-potties.
Mr. Horner neglected to point out the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, which not only delivers significantly of the information and facts (maps) Mr. Horner claimed was essential, but also has prepared and guided excursions into the protect.
In addition to furnishing the general public with information and facts, things to do and plans readily available in the Pinelands, the PPA also keeps an eye on the state and bordering communities to make confident they dwell up to the original guidelines and objectives set forth in Pinelands Commission constitution. The PPA can be identified on the internet at
I would strongly stimulate a lot more of our citizens to come to be familiar with and benefit from this beautiful component of our condition, but definitely really do not imagine it desires to have bus excursions into the backcountry to get that achieved.
John Fiore
Extended Seaside Township

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