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Gail Travers
December 15, 2021

To the Editor:
I don’t consider more than enough study went into passing the amendment to the current bulkhead ordinance. I question there was any engineering examine finished for the Superior Bar Harbor place. I attended the assembly on Dec. 6 and most of the challenges introduced up have been discarded – for occasion, the porous nature of a bulkhead.
The mayor and the board are confident that if absolutely everyone had greater bulkheads the h2o would be stored at bay. A bulkhead by character does not maintain the drinking water out it keeps the ground in place. The holes the tie rods go by way of are not watertight. The vinyl sheets made use of are not watertight. By mother nature the drinking water flows back again and forth. Bulkheads will not maintain the drinking water out when the tide rises.
Numerous taxpayers have put in revenue on bulkheading that does not satisfy the purported goal, flooding abatement, and that is a waste. All the bulkheading prerequisite does in the end is to reduce the industry benefit and marketability of our residences.
Philip Dobitsch
Extended Seaside Township

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