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Gail Travers
January 20, 2021

To the Editor:
The adhering to is a letter we sent to Rep. Jeff Van Drew after his statement on the Dwelling ground throughout the impeachment voting:
The Republican Party has been taken around by white supremacist extremists. Are you, Rep. Van Drew, one of them? Do you condone the actions of people who rioted at the Capitol very last 7 days? Do you concur with the terror and mayhem we witnessed on television, the horror tales we listen to recounted? If you reply certainly, we cannot hold out to vote you out of workplace.
If you remedy no, we simply cannot wait to listen to why you are standing with a president who incited seditious violence and instructed the rioters that they were patriots and that he beloved them. Were it not for Trump’s outright lies that the election was stolen from him, his supporters would not have arrive out of the woodwork they simply call household and flocked to the Capitol. Of course, these folks have existed for lots of a long time, but till Trump gave them license to occur and start an insurrection, they had been mildly annoying. Now they are terrifying!
Your constant and utterly hollow insistence that “unity” is the response after the state has been totally divided for the very last four many years is a joke. We locate it really hard to believe that the citizens you are intended to depict see by themselves in the anti-Semitic, anti-Black and anti-Muslim rioters at the Capitol final 7 days. And however, by continuing to assist this male, you are offering the rioters the opportunity and justification to feel their lead to is just. You know the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was cost-free of fraud and honest. What about your election?
Check out pondering for by yourself rather of currently being a puppet of Trump, who cares for no just one but himself. Attempt telling your constituents the real truth rather of what is hassle-free for you. Are you afraid that the rioters will appear for you or your family? Some of your fellow congressmen are. And but, some of your fellow Republicans have viewed the light-weight. Will you?
Arlene and Fred Schragger
Harvey Cedars

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