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Gail Travers
August 04, 2021

To the Editor:
As the earth continues to grapple with the pandemic, our nation’s health care technique should apply the classes acquired so significantly. There is no query that People in america who are impacted by being overweight have been extra severely impacted by COVID-19. In simple fact, a the greater part of the individuals hospitalized who necessary a ventilator or died from the illness had been affected by being overweight or weight problems-linked ailments.
The health and cost impacts of obesity have been not just exposed by COVID, having said that we’ve regarded them for yrs. It’s now the next main lead to of loss of life in this nation, and with the epidemic continuing to grow, the time is prolonged overdue for policymakers in Washington to ultimately do one thing about it.
The fantastic information is there’s a invoice pending in Congress identified as the Address and Minimize Being overweight Act that would give the millions of Medicare beneficiaries like me entry to anti-being overweight remedies and intensive-behavioral therapies that are scientifically proven to help address and decrease being overweight. Medicare need to be trying to keep speed with health care enhancements by masking treatment options that can help Americans living with obesity strengthen their overall health and nicely-getting. In the course of action, life would be saved and healthcare costs would be lowered.
Albert H. Swanke Jr.
Peahala Park

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