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Gail Travers
September 23, 2020

To the Editor:
The air top quality index in Sierra Countrywide Forest was lately recorded at 1076! Values more than 300 are dangerous. Yosemite, with a harmful AQI of 681, experienced to close temporarily.
These are the places my sister, niece and I visited and walked in the pristine forest in June 2019. It was the to start with time in my daily life I ever observed these kinds of majestic wilderness. Unfortunately, it may well be the previous time.
It is ominous that the air has now come to be deadly … like chain smoking.
Nonetheless, we have a leader who values bucks about everyday living, who does practically nothing to abate local climate alter. Instead, he proceeds to reverse any progress that we have made. He eliminates clean air and water guidelines we enacted to guard daily life. How can safeguarding the momentary money gains of a several majorly polluting companies be more crucial than defending the earth, together with all of its persons, wildlife and wilderness?
If this does not make you sick, just wait around – it will eventually, alongside with your children, grandchildren and even your important animals.
It is unpardonable that caring for this most precious world has grow to be a further divisive political situation. It is, right after all, dwelling to all of us. Earth is the only exceptional lifetime-supporting world we know. It is not disposable like the buyer merchandise we are so accustomed to currently.
For the posting “Observed Impacts of Anthropogenic Weather Improve on Wildfire in California,” with its dozens of references to scientific research, go to
Margaret Hartwell

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