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Gail Travers
July 28, 2021

To the Editor:
Kudos to Katie Thrussell (“Teens Assist Wind,” 7/21), who so eloquently expressed her ideas on the proposed wind project, which has been “debated” in The SandPaper for the past several months. Her outlook on the consequences of ignoring local weather transform rings true and, I must acknowledge, humiliated me because of the absence of willpower and commitment my era (I’m 71) and many others have shown in combating this preventable disaster.
We all have to have to quit becoming so egocentric, get above the NIMBY syndrome and get started considering about what kind of environment we are leaving our young ones and grandkids. It’s encouraging to know that there are tons of thoughtful and intelligent young persons out there like Ms. Thrussell, who are seeking to the foreseeable future and can ideally train us “old dogs” what can and should really be performed for the advantage of all people.
Nick Kuiken

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