Pesky Cat

To the Editor:
Why do some folks who have cats feel it’s properly appropriate for their cats to roam the community at will?
There is a black cat that has resolved he enjoys being in my property on West Ohio Avenue. He digs in the backyard to deposit his feces. He catches birds and leaves the stays behind. I’ve had to end feeding the birds because the cat sits beneath my porch and waits for the innocent birds to land to pick up stray seeds and then pounces on them. Cats can have disorders also.
The cat appeared to vanish more than the busy portion of the summer season but has now reappeared. If I proceed to see it I will call animal regulate and established a trap for him.
I hope the cat’s owner will read this letter and acquire care of the circumstance. Canines are not permitted to roam absolutely free. Cats must not roam no cost, both.
Florence Boulden
The Dunes

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