Pines Turbines?

To the Editor:
I read through with desire the letter “Turbines Too Close” by Jim Binder of Surf Town. He has some legitimate details. Together with many many others above the earlier year who have been weighing in on the proposal of Atlantic Shores putting wind turbines some 10 miles offshore, he thinks it will demolish the ocean sights.
I can recall again to 1944 when I was 4 yrs previous and my moms and dads bought a modest summer cottage in Beach Haven. From the outdated Causeway, which was almost at water stage, you could see the Seaside Haven College, which was the greatest and biggest building after the Baldwin Lodge in Beach Haven on the southern horizon of LBI. We’ve occur a extended way given that then and the Beach Haven Faculty is misplaced amidst the mega residences encompassing it. The development and growth on LBI have absent over and above what the early settlers and people of the Island “six miles at sea” at any time dreamed of.
I personally do not see any trouble with the wind turbines becoming found so far out at sea. The way some “Islanders” are reacting, you could imagine that they are likely to be planted only a mile or two off the seashore. My goodness, you possibly will only be equipped to see the very tops of these turbines.
As I write this, I am questioning, did any individual ever give assumed to locating these wind turbines out alongside Route 72 in the Pine Barrens? There is plenty of open house out there, and as we whiz together on Route 72 at 60-moreover mph, we would not even observe them spinning in the length. That would solve the challenge of esthetics unless the wildlife of the Pine Barrens complain in the folks of environmentalists. But very seriously, Gov. Murphy, did you at any time look at putting these wind turbines in the Pine Barrens?
James J. Durkin
Beach Haven

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