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To the Editor:
Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden and the points display this was not a shut race at all. Biden will have won the well known vote by over 5 million votes and will have 74 additional electoral votes than Trump. There are some states that will have a mandated recount, on the other hand historically, recounts outcome in incredibly insignificant adjustments to the over-all vote totals of furthermore or minus 20 votes or considerably less. Biden’s lead in all the “Trump disputed” states exceeds 10(s) of thousand(s). There is no issue that Trump has dropped this election.
In 2017 Trump’s own administration spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to make a commission to investigate voter fraud. The fee ran a 6-month investigation just before it was disbanded two weeks after a court ordered it to share its doing work paperwork with Democratic members. The fee was not able to generate any evidence of voter fraud.
As a matter of reality, in the last 10 decades there are only 13 demonstrated situations of voter fraud in The usa. Several states conduct their elections principally by mail, these kinds of as Washington condition, and no evidence of prevalent voter fraud has been related with mail-in ballots in those states. Mail-in ballots are issue to demanding security steps to make sure their accuracy. The reality continues to be that voter fraud is so rare it would by no means affect the final result of this election, and Trump’s have administration could not uncover proof of voter fraud.
Biden will just take the oath of business office on Jan. 20 and come to be the future U.S. president, but what problems will be performed to our democracy in the meantime? There is a guy in the White Home who is prepared to compromise nationwide protection, the basic safety of the American folks, and the sanctity of our democracy to soothe his frail ego. He is tearing apart the incredibly cloth of our democracy because he is much too emotionally weak to admit defeat. People have been residing in a point out of ignorant bliss, but a working day of reckoning has descended on The us and we now notice that the ideals of our democracy are much more fragile than we at any time recognized and depend on the morality and character of the dropping prospect and his willingness to concede.
Today we are not Democrats or Republicans we are People and we have to have to stand up and communicate out versus this assault on a absolutely free and reasonable election, a process that has safeguarded our democracy for 244 a long time. When some Americans might be upset by the benefits of this election, we all will need to do the suitable matter and genuinely put The us first.
Casey Courts Deacon
Surf Metropolis

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