Randy Townsend Surfing LBI from "What Exit 2" #LBI

This is a clip I edited for Randy Townsend LBI, NJ. This is some good smaller wave motion browsing. This is also witnessed on the “what exit 2?” dvd can be found at www.eastcoastsurfer.com

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  1. whatexitvideo

    Yeah Randy rips. I will let him know about your comment.

  2. whatexitvideo

    yes some in Cedars some at the south end. Lbi is a great place to surf

  3. waxcomb

    That was awesome. How long does it take to surf that good?

  4. whatexitvideo

    I think Randy has been surfing for over 12 years. But he has raw talent. Some people might never surf as good as he does if they tried as hard as they can. But you can still have fun even if you aren't as good as Randy.
    Thanks for the reply and just have fun and surf.

  5. whatexitvideo

    Good editing? or the Surfing is good?

  6. whatexitvideo

    Double thanks

  7. waxcomb

    Hey I was wondering if you could please tell me Randy's weight and hieght and his board dimensions?

  8. surferdude61092

    nice surfing i surf in harvey cedars too across from harvey cedars marina and the surf beach next to it

  9. whatexitvideo

    Thanks I will make sure Randy knows as well

  10. whatexitvideo

    Cool I Think Randy is a Life Guard there. Or at least use to be. Maybe you see him in the line up. Fun waves there. I enjoy surfing there myself.

  11. whatexitvideo

    All I know is Randy Is tall and thin. His board vary and all very high performace and very thin and light. I seen Randy On all different kinds of board and rips on all of them. He has tons of talent.

  12. surferdude61092

    o kool ill look around for him

  13. surferdude61092

    do u no by any chance if he was out there today?

  14. whatexitvideo

    Yeah he is like a freak of nature

  15. whatexitvideo


  16. whatexitvideo


  17. whatexitvideo

    Thanks on the compliment. I saw your videos as well and I liked them. Nice camera work.

  18. whatexitvideo

    Yeah totally. If I ever get back into needing new footage I will drop ya a line. I am working on something now that might need new footage but have to wait till all the lawyer stuff is done. Long story

  19. whatexitvideo

    I am not Randy. Just filmed him and a friend of mine. If I see him I will let him know you said hi.

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