Rare Benny Great White Shark attack at the Jersey shore! 4k high def shark attack 8-29-18

On August 28th a Benny Great white shark attacked a group of beach goers
Although sharks are common in our waters. Shark attacks are rare. Maybe if Pauly D and Vinnie show up with Snookie. Their frequency will increase.
From Duskies, threshers and great whites. NJ is a feeding lane for some of the oceans top predators.
This was just a smooth doggy 🙂 AKA Benny Great white
Luckily nobody was harmed……….well…maybe a few egos

Fail, win, sharks,

#FAIL, #SharkAttack, #BestKnockouts

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  1. Tackle Advisors

    Check out what happened right before and right after! It's even crazier than this!

    BENNY is a pejorative term used by year-round residents of the Jersey Shore to describe residents of Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York who descend in mass to their beaches.
    BENNY JAWS/ BENNY GREAT WHITE: Anything resembling a shark found in nature seen by a BENNY 🙂

  2. Maddie’s channel

    I saw 4 sharks at Doheny today

  3. Dude Fest bug outs

    Notice how nobody can just live in the moment and people need to rush for their phones… smhh this world sucks

  4. Noxoir

    The fucks he thinks she doing when she picks up the shark. She just pulls the poor shark by its tail along the sand imagine being in your own home then stepping out the door only to be dragged by ur feet along the floor. That was so wrong

  5. Jersey giants Fishing

    It is legit a dogfish I can not hurt you


    It looks like a thresher shark

  7. Pete Jones

    So where was the great white ?

  8. MP 91

    And no one even said get out of the water

  9. JustJoeking TV

    i hate it when this happens leave the poor goddamn animal alone

  10. Cara Healy

    is this Jersey channel island? and did somone die whwhahahhwhahahwhhahahwhahah………

  11. mojkanal212

    That grand mom fall of on his ass, is most dramatic thing, BUT me personal will be more on alert of baby shark MOM, they are much bigger, and swim on the shore like nothing.

  12. Blu

    It's just a baby, it can't kill anymore.

  13. Tyrannosaurus Gaming

    I'd have picked the little guy up and carried him farther out so they wouldnt bully him 🙁

  14. Chase Aden


  15. ANIELICA Fan Los amo

    E es mi mascota dama

  16. jose arrollado

    Why do "Karens" have too mess with everything,even sharks.

  17. Shevell Martin


  18. Hindukush

    Dumb aze hick from NYC

  19. Angling Addicts

    HAHAHA at 1:28

  20. Lynn Carroll Frank Cops Lives Matter

    It is clear that the ignorant old lady was a freakin bennie

  21. Stripes

    All those kids yelling Shark lmao

  22. Steven Orlowski


  23. Ronan Rogers

    These people are idiots

  24. Atlas Minerva

    Just imagine the more shallow the water, the shark shrinks. Then it enlarges as it as it swims deeper.

    Then eats all them dumbasses

  25. Melissa Todd

    Let everyone know this was fake

  26. Huey Freeman

    People are so silly.

  27. Evgeny the dreamer

    Too much stupid people in vid

  28. King Richie

    I bet if it was a bigger shark everyone would be out of the water

  29. Jenny Ortega

    Son unos tontos

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