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Gail Travers
August 26, 2020

To the Editor:
King Murphy likes to contact the high-quality men and women of New Jersey knuckleheads. He should appear in the mirror at himself for declaring that voters really should vote by mail. This is not absentee voting but what amounts to required mail-in voting. He promises that this is for our individual fantastic simply because of the virus.
If I can don a mask, social distance and go to a casino, Home Depot, Costco, etcetera., why just can’t I go vote? When I read through about this I was upset that my suitable to vote at a polling position was taken absent for practically nothing much more than pure politics.
The governor’s purchase says we can go to minimal voting destinations and submit a provisional ballot but not use a voting device. This is since they will not know if I despatched in a mail-in ballot. If I decide on not to mail in my ballot, why simply cannot I just take it to the voting put, show them that I did not vote, and they can shred it and let me use a voting machine?
This is going to direct to chaos, fraud and corruption. As an example, I have a son who has not lived in New Jersey in about 20 a long time and he is however on the voting textbooks. Just after quite a few attempts, his title continues to be and he will get sample ballots each election. If I was a dishonest particular person I could request an absentee ballot and vote 2 times. How quite a few men and women who no lengthier stay here are heading to get a mail-in ballot?
If Murphy has to borrow $10 billion to harmony the budget, why is he squandering thousands and thousands of dollars to ship out the ballots with return postage? Murphy is the true knucklehead.
Prosperous Czajkowski 

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