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Gail Travers
August 19, 2020

To the Editor:
It was the two inspiring and refreshing to read through Linda Feaster’s piece (“Women and Energy: We have Continue to Obtained a Way to Go, Baby,” 8/12) talking about the uphill fight women and minorities go on to combat in the work to realize equality. Feaster exhibits that we as a modern society have grown to give women much more energy, but that we are nevertheless considerably from over in shifting the way we treat and see females.
Feaster employs a recent exchange in between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ted Yoho throughout which Yoho addressed Ocasio-Cortez using a vulgarity to confirm her stage that even women of all ages who have been elected into high positions are continue to currently being belittled. Feaster brings up an essential point that when Yoho very first apologized, he did so out of obligation and with little sincerity, proving that like numerous other males, Yoho did not see his actions as out of line.
What Feaster did not highlight, but a little something that I noticed, was the outpouring of guidance for Ocasio-Cortez that unfold on social media. A single of the best equipment the feminist motion can use to its benefit is social media, as it will allow for much more voices to be amplified.
Feaster’s anecdote on Geraldine Ferraro, whose baking techniques had been questioned as she was campaigning to be vice president in 1984, is a horrifying nonetheless accurate representation of how not that very long in the past, in major and superior-profile scenarios, girls had been stereotyped with tiny pushback. Feaster’s piece was revealed before presidential applicant Joe Biden declared that his working mate would be Kamala Harris, a Black girl. The anecdote on Geraldine Ferraro can now be as opposed to whatever kind of awareness Harris gets in the coming months. We can gauge how much we have occur by analyzing how we now, in 2020, treat a female vice presidential applicant. The way in which she is handled will communicate volumes about our culture.
Abigail Kane
Beach Haven

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