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Gail Travers
February 17, 2021

To the Editor:
What will we think of plastic 50 years from now? It will undoubtedly rely on choices we make now simply because after it is created, plastic does not go away. Will one-use plastic still be the norm? Will our oceans and waterways be clogged with plastic pollution? Will we have figured out by option how to limit our intake of plastic? Or it’s possible we will be compelled to limit our usage because we did not act before. What will recycling glance like? What will it look like in 50 many years immediately after employing restricted means like petroleum and normal gas to make all the plastic?
Stafford Township is placing together a time capsule that will be opened in 50 years. My contribution is a solitary-use plastic bag together with a SandPaper report about the town’s repeal of the ban on plastic baggage. What will men and women believe in the upcoming when they see a single-use plastic bag within the time capsule? I desire I could discover out, but I know I will not be all around.
Try to remember, plastic in no way goes absent. There is no absent.
Barbara Reynolds

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