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Gail Travers
August 11, 2021

To the Editor:
This is a response to Harold Ciser’s “End the Nonsense.” He mentioned, “When I see statues torn down … that mirrored our American historical past …” Is he referring to our record of slavery, racism and intimidation? These statues depict the worst of us and need to have to be eradicated.
In reaction to a Black athlete protesting, he requested, “Isn’t it time to set an finish to all this nonsense and abide by our values and traditions?” Protesting is our finest American price and tradition. Nothing at all else fixes wrongs.
He wrote, “I for one particular won’t apologize for becoming a Caucasian male.” No one particular at any time questioned him to. Quit seeing ideal-wing propaganda.
He wrote, “These men and women have under no circumstances had any skin in the recreation,” referring to Black people who have practically had the colour of their skin continue to keep them out of the game.
He wrote, “They are indoctrinating the younger people with this ridiculous essential race theory.” CRT is taught only in higher education and has been for a long time. It has only grow to be an difficulty now mainly because the ideal-wing propaganda equipment requires some thing to rile up the foundation. End observing.
He wrote, “Socialism does not work” – when there is no one in American politics calling for socialism. End observing ideal-wing propaganda.
Why did he point out, “America is even now 1 of the only countries that has the freedoms granted by our fantastic Constitution” if he gets upset when somebody utilizes her constitutional freedom to protest? Be steady.
Just as I thought I had witnessed every little thing soon after 63 decades, I was truly suitable. He appears to be just a further aged white gentleman performing racist.
Michael A. Heck
Little Egg Harbor

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