Riding The Catalina Express To Avalon From Long Beach

Catalina Express is a passenger ferry service that operates scheduled passenger service between Avalon and Two Harbors on Santa Catalina Island and San Pedro, Long Beach and Dana Point on the California mainland. The service was founded in 1981 with one sixty-passenger vessel to make the channel crossing between the mainland and Catalina Island in about an hour and fifteen minutes, with two departures daily. As of 2016, the Catalina Express fleet includes eight high-speed vessels that can make the channel crossing in under an hour, with multiple trips daily. Catalina Express controls ninety-five percent of passenger and freight traffic to and from the island when including its sister company, Avalon Freight Services.

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  1. wolfgang friedle

    Nice Video, Great . Thanks

  2. George Toscano

    Thank you for making this video . very educational and informative.

  3. Sonia Moreira

    Thank you for this video loved it a lot

  4. malinday75

    If I’m prone to extreme sea sickness, will this ride be okay without Dramamine..?

  5. nPrevail

    I'm really impressed with all your panning and moving techniques.


    It’s the fucking Catalina wine mixer

  7. spktheundead lord

    Dude, thanks for the video.

  8. Vlad Pootin

    I only know catalina island from movies and tv, it is a distant paradise dream for me. Greetings from russia.

  9. Steve Birks

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us ! – Catalina is one place I would love to visit ! – Such a Beautiful island ! Seen it so many times on TV programmes & Movies would love to stay a while !

  10. Liliana Fink

    The boat you took on your way to Catalina is the same boat I took back and it was night ant I had to sit on the top in the back it was freezing

  11. Westmisten Mapping II

    I used to live in two harbors, gosh i miss that place

  12. Matt Foster

    San Pedro native here….ya'll should have seen the old white steamship or the Grumman flying boats of Catalina airlines …..after i got my pilots license it was a 20 minute flight

  13. Nicole Caro

    Do they have bathrooms on this ferry?

  14. Juan Chavez

    Are the seats first come , first serve ?

  15. Juliana Lorenzo

    Planning to visit, this Beautiful Island. I am from San Diego, where can we get the Ferry boat and the ticket going to.

  16. miked765

    this is a wicked fun way to begin a Catalina Island weekend or visit. Always sit outside.

  17. Kizer Soze

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I haven`t been here since (1983) I was a kid. I went on a class field trip, I remember a glass floor on the boat so we could see the ocean floor. And it was an amazing adventure, something I`ll never forget. I wish I could live there, I bet it`s so peaceful.

  18. Steven Ibarra

    What video editing software did you use? And camera. Thanks.

  19. Matthew_Aviation

    Imagine these boats going full speed. Lol

  20. Mr. Mister

    Whats the rules with bags?

  21. Pinky And da Brain

    Is this ride suitable for handicapped?

  22. Monica Casey

    Super helpful video. How long was the boat ride?

  23. Alexis Navejas

    What side would you suggest to sit on for less motion sickness

  24. Joshua Flores

    I remember the last time I went the boat was going FASTTTTT FASTTTT. it was a Jr. lifeguard trip and my god the boat ride was the best.

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