Run Aground in NJ – a BARNEGAT BAY Homecoming (Episode 13: Sailing 9 LIVES) #LBI

The temporary deal with to the damaged steering arrived apart, but Duke managed to solution that at anchor in Atlantic City in advance of placing off by the salt marshes of southern New Jersey. Father in Law Rick joined the crew for the day and experienced the pleasure of suffering from the first good operate aground… very little a handful of several hours and handbook exertion couldn’t fix! Then it was onward North by Great Bay, together Extensive Beach Island, by means of Manahawkin Bay, and eventually to the place Duke grew up in the Barnegat Bay.

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  1. SenatorPerry

    Eh.. I will get it started on Patreon.

  2. tat2foru2

    i live on great bay

  3. XWriter100

    I like the animated drone footage! Your Bogart African Queen impression wasn't bad but more weeds and leeches would have helped! LOL Good video, thanks.

  4. Ryan Reighn

    That run from AC to Great Bay is super tight, and you're lucky the greenheads hadn't hatched yet. We did that run a few weeks later in July and it was horrific. The tide split at LEH inlet is super cool to feel on a sailboat. So weird going from fighting a tide to taking a 90right turn and running along with it. The tide switches again behind LBI at Harvey Cedars.

  5. Morte Parla

    Barnegat Bay and "Run aground" mean the same thing, as far as I'm concerned.

  6. Solexx X

    Driving a sailboat around with the motor is not very impressive. Take some sailing courses so you don't continue to look like idiots.

  7. Jude Roberts

    depth sounders are great, better get one.

  8. Christine kilar

    Hun love your videos, but could you turn music down while talking?? Very hard to hear yin’s over music.

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