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Victoria Ford
September 08, 2020
By Victoria Ford

Residence Base: Philadelphia
Type: “Listening to Ryan Tennis is like getting a highway vacation to a new place with an outdated friend. Music range from soul-touching acoustic ballads to roots funk and soul to rollicking reggae covers, but less than it all is a basis of groove and heat that keeps you relocating ahead.”
LINEUP: Tennis, guitar and vocals
OF Notice: His 5-song EP, Two Days on the Fence, is, in essence, a protest album from negativity. “I did that by writing tunes to make men and women really feel excellent,” he explained.
TWO’S Acquire: Permit his infectious audio raise your spirits.
Verify OUT: ryantennismusic.com
BE THE Choose: Saturday, Sept. 12, 6 to 9 p.m., at Chook & Betty’s, Seashore Haven.  —V.F.

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