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To the Editor:
In her SpeakEasy column (“In Lookup of Unity, Entire This Questionnaire,” 2/3), Marsia Mason attempts a humorous slant on the plan of unifying the state. Ms. Mason need to know that in the wake of the Capitol riots, a good deal of people are not laughing.
It have to be admitted that in numerous facets Trump and his acolytes are clownish and thus at occasions a single may possibly wrestle to just take them severely. But the premise of the column – that Trumpism, and the divisiveness it parasitically feeds off of, is just one particular significant joke we should really “laugh about and go on” from – is a unhappy evasion.
And it is improper. For one particular issue, Trumpism – or, far more accurately, extremist ideal-wing gaslighting – is not heading absent anytime soon. If anything at all it’s receiving even worse. For an additional, the Capitol riot was a unsafe attack on our place and Jan. 6 is now a Day of Infamy on a par with Sept. 11 and Dec. 7. It’s possible my memory is foggy, but I really don’t remember in the times subsequent Sept. 11 any person stating: “Come on! Don’t be a sourpuss! Let’s have a chuckle and transfer on.”
So why is this distinctive?
I’ll inform you why: The folks who want us to “move on” never basically want to move on. They want to avoid and evade any accountability for what happened. They anxiety to place the finger at who and what just induced the riot. As an alternative they just blame the nebulous principle of “divisiveness.” It is cowardly. It is harmful. It is a lie by omission.
These rioters experienced no authentic gripe. The suitable desires to get back to the exact-aged-exact-aged assaults on democracy that induced the riot in the initially position. Heck, they even demand from customers apologies from people who spoke truth of the matter to Trump, the now ex-president (sure, he missing) who fomented that infamous terror attack. Kevin McCarthy, who for a second there grew a spine and positioned blame where it effectively belonged, went whimpering off like a crushed pet dog to the mullah of Mar-a-Lago to beg Trump not to start out “The Patriot Party” (hello, George Orwell?). And those people Republicans who courageously named Trump out, these as Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse – several of their colleagues denounced and betrayed them for their integrity.
Which underscores yet another issue: This difficulty is not partisan. We want to end pretending it is. Officer Brian Sicknick didn’t die mainly because he was defending Nancy Pelosi or AOC. He gave his everyday living since he was courageously defending everyone inside of that developing. Although the cowardly president bombastically betrayed his oath, Officer Sicknick quietly and bravely did his sworn duty.
We owe it to his memory and to long run generations of People in america to end the madness that has gripped our region and restore real truth and justice. We have to refute the lies and attacks on our fragile democracy. We ought to treat this critically, prevent enjoying politics and maintain accountable everyone involved in this demonic, anti-democratic plan. And we ought to prosecute to the fullest extent of the regulation those people who are responsible. Only then can we shift on.
Anthony Galligani
Cedar Bonnet Island

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