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Gail Travers
March 16, 2022

To the Editor:
I read through a letter by John Marcinski (“Clear Choice,” 3/9) in which he stated that if the election ended up held today Joe Biden would yet again claim victory and by even a more substantial margin. He also said that the 2020 election was a no cost and reasonable election.
I would argue to Mr. M that a lot of people today in this state are even now scratching their heads figuring out just how Mr. Biden gained 81 million votes, almost 13 million more than President Obama. Is Mr. M suggesting that Kamala Harris was the drawing card in this marquee ticket that garnered extra votes than any other president?
I am not likely to waste any additional place seeking to suggest that big fraud and cheating took area, but it does go away just one to question how Joe Biden, who hardly could get 81 men and women at a rally, could garner 81 million votes in a presidential election.
Edward Schwind
The Dunes

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