Selfish Logic

To the Editor:
This letter is a reaction to Glen Hofmeister’s letter (“Defund Island Law enforcement,” 11/18). After looking at your letter where you element many tickets you acquired, I have a concern. Did you challenge them? Did you plead responsible and just pay the wonderful?
If you didn’t problem the ticket and just paid out it, it implies that the ticket was adequately issued. Just simply because your infractions, though insignificant, never rise to the benchmarks you think are enforceable is not a cause to defund the police.
Employing your logic, think about your defunded Island police model immediately after Superstorm Sandy when individuals were being scrapping and thieving just about anything not nailed down. That was in late Oct, appropriate? During your layoff time period.
What about people who reside on the Island who experience many electricity outages for the duration of storms? What about the crimes of chance in the empty beachfront McMansions in the course of the winter season, which are prime targets for burglaries?
Defunding may well continue to keep some money in your particular wonderful budget, but your logic is selfish and quick-sighted.
Tom Goletz
Very little Egg Harbor

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