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Gail Travers
March 10, 2021

To the Editor:
I’m crafting in response to a commentary I read through in the Jan. 13 version about offshore wind turbines (“Offshore Wind Turbines Will have to Be Made Much less Obvious or Else”). I sail with the Merchant Maritime so it’s typically months prior to I read a paper duplicate of The SandPaper.
Soon after studying the commentary, I experienced to break out chart 12300, “Approaches to NY.” The buoy marking the starting of the site visitors separation zone for big ships approaching New York is about 15.5 miles off the coast of Barnegat Light-weight. The border of that zone starts at 9 miles offshore. The author would have the wind farm in the middle of a weighty targeted traffic location just so he didn’t have to see a thumbnail-dimension windmill on the horizon, on a crystal clear day. An allision with a windmill and an oil tanker could probably result in an oil spill, polluting our beach locations. Wow, how egocentric can you get!
I worked on the Cape Wind undertaking off Cape Cod in advance of it bought canned by NIMBY fools. In the circumstance of Cape Wind, take the very best location to place a wind farm (shoals) and set it off-restrictions for some rich fools who really do not want to see a thumbnail-dimensions windmill on a clear working day. Wherever had been these persons during the public dialogue phase of the licensing process? Quite a few buyers ended up out a great deal of cash since permits ended up granted, then rescinded. I was out of a wonderful work.
Has the author regarded as the more charges of what he proposes? The more cost of several far more miles of wire crossing the ocean floor to accommodate his will need for a obvious horizon would price hundreds of thousands, potentially generating the task no extended price tag-successful. The bottom in that spot is superior for scallops and other draggers, also. The possibility of unintentionally dragging up electrical traces will increase significantly. The opportunity of electrocuting a fishing boat crew just to continue to keep your residence values up is just downright sinful. Also, I significantly question assets values would be that impacted by windmills offshore.
In life there are trade-offs and compromise. We shut down the nuclear electric power station at Oyster Creek, nonetheless New Jersey’s strength need has developed. We have to have additional ability era. Windmills, co-era plants that burn off garbage, and solar might make up the deficit. No just one desires these points in their yard, but the vast majority must rule. If the the greater part claims place all those things where they make the most sense, then that’s where by they have to go.
The finest place for the wind farm is where it is previously proposed. Sorry, not sorry about the little speck on the horizon that would hassle you so much.
Patrick Geiger

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