Shark Sightings Prompt Intense Monitoring At Long Island Beaches

The recent increase in shark sightings has prompted intense monitoring up and down Long Island beaches; CBS2’s Steve Overmyer reports.

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  1. joe blow

    The biggest shark is De Bozio…lol.

  2. Mountain Man3

    sharks don't like democrats very much…

  3. Cameron Angel

    Thank goodness they've kept the water nice and clear …

  4. David arruda

    The ocean temp has been crazy warm this summer. May not be cool enough to slow down a hurricane com9ng north

  5. Paul Reza

    Nothing to do with weather. It because of minimal to no water activity for 3 to 4 months now that's why.

  6. Ernesto Torres

    I feel as though if the water is getting warmer, then they will come. Plus the absence of a lot of people at beaches, based on the COVID situation isn’t making it better….

  7. har tavor

    its a fuckin ocean, of course there are sharks

  8. Ken Bugbee

    Why don't they kill the sharks instead of just tagging them ?

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