Ship Bottom Tackles Parking Woes at Entrance to Island

Lodge LBI in Ship Bottom. (Image by Ryan Morrill)
When parking is at a premium in and about Hotel LBI, the 102-room luxury resort at the entrance to Extended Beach front Island, there is a good deal of parking onsite. Which is the phrase from Councilman Joe Valyo, who explained the previous time he was at the hotel the parking garage was practically empty.  
He and Council President Ed English believe the skewed parking problem is for the reason that the community believes the resort is nonetheless charging to park in the onsite garage. For a limited period of time last summertime, the lodge charged $10 to valet park. It was the focal place of the council’s dialogue bordering the renewal of the hotel’s liquor license. Parking is not a ailment of the liquor license. 
“I spoke with the manager,” reported Kathleen Flanagan, borough coordinator. “They don’t charge for parking at the hotel.” 
Nevertheless, parking on Obtain Highway, the service highway that runs from CVS Pharmacy to the resort, is so limited that if a hearth truck tried using to get by means of the slender lane on the north facet of the resort, it would not be ready to make the switch, Mayor William Huelsenbeck said.  
When there is no parking on Access Street, motorists use residential roadways and parking areas in the borough’s boat ramp ton.  
“Everyone is parking on the road,” Valyo mentioned. “They have attendants outside the house (in entrance of the hotel entrance) and individuals imagine they have to pay to park.” 
In the tumble, the council adopted two ordinances to assistance reduce some of the parking fears in the spot of of Eighth Avenue just west of wherever it intersects with Barnegat Avenue. 
Ordinance 2019-18 proposes to prohibit parking in between the ReMax/Dunkin’ Donuts house and Hotel LBI on the company highway for somewhere around 430 ft to the westerly line of the provider highway. Regulatory and warning signals, which conform with official targeted traffic command devices for streets and highways as adopted by the state commissioner of transportation, are expected to be erected in the region. 
At the time of its introduction, Huelsenbeck explained the curbs in the location had previously been painted yellow, and parking would not be permitted for “probably permanently.” 
The problems, he stated during the borough council’s July 28 caucus meeting, is that the paint did not prolong considerably plenty of.  
Less than Ordinance 2019-19, accessibility to the assistance road from Eighth Road is prohibited. 
“No auto shall make a still left change from Eighth Street onto the Eighth Avenue Provider Road or usually entry or enter the Eighth Road provider road from Eighth Avenue,” the measure reads in section. 
Motorists touring north on Barnegat Avenue can make a left on to the company road, which runs parallel to the CVS drive-by. The access ban doesn’t impression motorists traveling south on Barnegat Avenue who cross over Eighth Street and make a correct on to the provider road. 
Less than the preliminary and remaining internet site strategy, which was revised April 30, 2019, Hotel LBI has 205 off-road parking spaces. On-website garage parking, which incorporates valet use, totals 122 on-website surface parking, 11 ancillary areas on Whole lot 3, Block 103, 19 and valet-controlled parking areas on Whole lot 8, Block 100, 53. 
The hotel is demanded to have 128 parking spaces, or 1.25 spaces per device. There are 102 visitor rooms. The accent dining facility, in accordance to the preliminary and final web site system, calls for a person house for each individual 4 company, or a whole of 50. The doc also shows a single space for each individual staff, for a complete of 18 employees.  
The overflow of hotel parking, however, is not minimal to Access Street. It also, in accordance to Councilman Robert Butkus, is a problem at the boat ramp. The borough’s boat ramp is situated diagonally throughout from the resort, on Shore Avenue, the initial appropriate off the Causeway onto the Island. It is a popular location for boaters to launch and has a gazebo that’s a preferred spot to watch the sunset, and the bay seaside is a brief walk from there.  
Flanagan mentioned the harbor grasp has been spoken with, and any person who is trailering a boat into the boat ramp parking lot needs to have a go.  
At the boat ramp, the harbor master or a different person in charge has total command over the parking condition, according to municipal code. 
“If the harbor grasp or other human being in management instructs the proprietor or custodian of any motor vehicle on the ramp premises to transfer the car or truck, it shall be moved immediately,” Chapter 12, section 12 reads. “If not removed upon the get of the harbor master or other particular person in cost, the vehicle may be requested removed by the harbor learn and/or by the law enforcement of the borough. Autos will be towed absent at the owner’s price. No overnight parking of cars or trailers shall be permitted unless of course authorized by the harbor grasp.” 
In 2019, the council adopted an ordinance increasing parking rules at the boat ramp. Underneath Ordinance 2019-17, car parking is for the permitted use of the boat ramp and municipal services only. All unauthorized automobiles will be towed at the owner’s expense. 
“The lodge has been told that autos will be towed,” Flanagan claimed, noting a discussion with law enforcement officials was slated so anyone is mindful of the circumstance and the problems. 
— Gina G. Scala 

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