Show Place Ice Cream Parlor on Long Beach Island

If you want fun and great Ice Cream this is the place to go. Long Beach Island, New Jersey is an awesome place to visit. Besides the Great Beaches, We got Show Place!!!

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  1. TVstudio

    When I was seven I ordered something here and they made me repeat that lions and tigers and bears thing.

  2. ZMBproductions

    i've been here a few times. it was fun.

  3. RKM5

    Went there last week. Would like to hire some of them as waiters/waitresses.

  4. Jack Carpenter

    ha i was there yesterday GREAT PLACE

  5. tatornunnery



    greatest ice cream and entertainment ever!

    (the host is really cute i think:) )

    i have to sing everytime i go there

  6. Clifford Spulock

    i hope u enjoyed because i work at surflight i am an actor so all these people that work here are my friends

  7. jetscrazy44

    that place is the bomb

  8. Samantha Price

    hahaha omfg

    2:44 – 3:16
    thats like one of my best friends

    ahah and 5:11 – 5:18, ish his dad


  9. mysalynn

    Wow, thank you for the memories. I went to the Show Place every single summer as a kid growing up. It was the highlight of my LBI stay. I keep telling people that we all need to meet up and go there even though I live across the country now.

    This is the best place to bring your family and the memories will last a lifetime.

  10. RainbowForADay

    whenever i bike past there and theres a show i almost hit people.

  11. blbeachgoer

    Got to love Sister Kate!

  12. Melissa Sanborn

    i went here over the 4th o july weekend and loved ittt! next yer when i go down i wanna go again (:

  13. Rebecca Madden

    Such a shame that Showplace has closed.  Loved going there for all my life!

  14. Abby Murphy

    I was in there shows and we ate there after every show it was amazing! They gave me the boast and now ive been in 4 broadway shows and film and tv

  15. kerrilee carroll

    Great ice cream

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