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Gail Travers
March 10, 2021

To the Editor:
Opposition to offshore wind farms looks to dominate SandPaper coverage. On the other hand, as an LBI oceanfront house owner, I am really a lot in favor of these developments, and I suspect several other LBI people and people are as properly.
We should reduce our use of fossil carbon-centered electricity manufacturing as shortly as doable, even if we are not able to do away with it totally. Wind farms will not be the overall answer, but in destinations like Europe and Texas they are a significant section of the respond to.
I am not worried about the visual influence. All you have to do is stop by the packed seashores of southern California, with their near-shore oil derricks, or nations around the world like Denmark, where by wind turbines are omnipresent, to see how persons adapt to these new sights. I am far more involved about neighborhood environmental impacts to birds and sea daily life. I believe in that authorities environmental assessment procedures will ensure affordable avoidance or mitigation, but this must be monitored and enforced.
For me, seeing a fleet of turbines will be a indicator of progress and an indication that we are liberating ourselves from our fossil carbon addiction, the penalties of which are literally threatening to swallow our island completely. Possibly in 50 a long time we will not have to have huge wind turbines to assistance with this weaning method, but in the meantime I glance ahead to viewing these turbines shining on the horizon and emotion a very little a lot more protected that our treasured location at sea is protected.
I hope other supporters will chime in before the jobs are shouted down.
Frederick Jones
Barnegat Light-weight

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