Skimboarding Wave in Barnegat Light, LBI #LBI

a single wave caught by Steve, aka The G U S. Using on the Zap Fish 46.

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  1. surferdude61092

    nice.. im goin there tommarow

  2. surferdude61092

    more speed and would have been sweet

  3. joellank22

    you suck.

  4. lapoint26

    ur a jackass

  5. lapoint26

    i live in nj there are only a couple of days where u can get in a tube of a wave all im saying is there are a lot better places for skimboarding than nj

  6. eric lynch

    you suck…

  7. Brian cox

    lapoint were live in nj

  8. Judy Tripp

    you blow

  9. Steven Hocker

    @eryd14 evar thought that he dosent, im just sayin

  10. Robert Martin

    Better waves then I got down here in south florisa

  11. Robert Martin



    does that board float well??? someone help me plzzzzzz

  13. Chris


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