I never considered I would be skydiving in LBI NJ but screw it
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  1. Vaping is not cool

    New Jersey gang where u at

  2. Anderson BTW


  3. colincreates

    I'm so close to 4000 watch hours on youtube so every second that you watch my vids helps

  4. All American robots

    Hey did he jump out a plain

  5. SemeAutoSniper

    Hi colin

  6. Judah S

    You deserve more than 10 likes

  7. Judah S

    You should meet up with chef Eitan bernath he also lives in New Jersey

  8. roccoislive

    Bruh start a go fund me imma cure your 360 p

  9. MysteriousPlayz

    Glad you didn’t die

  10. Mat


  11. Bucket hat Gaming

    Bro I’m going to lbi next week

  12. Rideshare Dougie

    Very cool. Were you scared to step off the plane? Great vid bro.

  13. Randomness Only

    You know it's high if you can see the ground after a solid 5 or 6 minutes.

  14. Milo Jordan

    Lol good video

  15. Mr Bagel

    Damn that omelette looked good

  16. Julianna Scotto

    I never realized how close my house is to go skydiving thanks Colin

  17. Ramen Noodles

    Guys I skydived I'm better than you make me famous guys please comment Boeing so they see this.

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