Some Long Island Beaches Closed Over Shark Sightings

There have been at least three shark sightings in Nassau County on Monday. CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff reports.

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  1. Mara L

    Jones beach? Say it ain’t so. Lol.

  2. Math Man

    Like that mask — could sail a ship with it.

  3. Math Man

    Hey, great idea for a movie, let's call it "Teeth"! No, wait, "Fins!", no — darn, just can't think of a good name.

  4. Theodore Smith

    Trumps fault

  5. Theodore Smith

    This is Florida every day

  6. Theodore Smith

    In florida we catch bull sharks inside the salt water lakes.

  7. Ed Haskell

    A lady in Maine was killed by a shark today.

  8. Joe Lev

    The sharks ; Cuomo, deblasio,. AOC .

  9. Jojo Pellegrini

    Let me guess the sharks have covid…. come on… reporter really… you think you can get corona at the beach

  10. Motoroil

    who cares. Over population. we need some serious shark attacks. COvid cant do it alone. Throw the NY criminal Clavin in the water

  11. OC Vegas Property

    There are always sharks. The lifeguard just happened to this one.

  12. Jigsaw Of USA

    Anyone take note of the shift many attacks bear as well ! People attacking eachother as well ! Since 5g became active is has been chaos !

  13. Jason Jones

    No way this is real……SHARK IN THE OCEAN; such a reporter.

  14. MÅĐÅN S

    A shark in water omg

  15. Geeman Funman


  16. Choocha Lagoocha

    So. Know one knows what it was. So they shut down the beaches ????

  17. romansrule1

    Oh My its a Great White Shark, better call BLM so they can protest in the water !!!

  18. Jimbo Jones

    Must be a slow day for covid and BLM rioters. Need something else to agitate the public.

  19. Jimbo Jones

    Dont Shark Lives Matter? I feel an impulse to paint Street graffiti and divert attention and responsibility from my own problems.


    Hooper drives the boat chief !!

  21. Rainier Rodriguez

    Cool that there were sightings, usually sharks are just there

  22. Billy Bob

    It’s the ocean there’s sharks sting rays it’s nature get over it

  23. Errica Thomas


  24. Danny

    If people are stupid enough to want to swim in shark infested waters. The government should not interfere.

  25. ironhorse67

    Wow. I was at Tobay on Monday, in the water 1/2 dozen times. Damm This-scares me.

  26. General Leopold Horchigli

    dang antifa causing shark attacks

  27. General Leopold Horchigli

    antifa deployed sharks,

  28. Troy Diaz

    Three sharks…but they social distanced properly

  29. janine karnbach

    When the lifeguards are quickly able to spot a Shark sightings and able to warn people in the waters it's when they might be a bit late on the warning signs of shark sightings

  30. sean1 the1

    Its because that lady got killed by a shark yesterday.

  31. gman hirt

    What in the world are the sharks doing in the water

  32. The Burnt Taco 12

    Wow who would’ve thought sharks are in the ocean

  33. Dillon Richard

    sharks are a great sign for the waters of long island. it means there are plenty of fish and the ecosystem is healthy enough to substain large predators like sharks so im happy

  34. Angel

    It’s the ocean , it’s where the sharks swim.

  35. Angelina South Africa

    The water isn't clear, makes it difficult to see sharks. No way, I don't swim in murky water, thank you

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