Spring Striped Bass 2019 – Bay Fishing LBI | TOO MANY FISH! Day 2 #LBI

Guys a bought 20+ the to start with day and an additional 10+ this working day. Definitely great pair of days out there. I hope you take pleasure in watching me capture these school striped bass. Thanks for seeing…

Spring Striped Bass 2019 – Bay Fishing LBI | Much too Lots of FISH! Working day 2

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  1. Matt Armitage


  2. Andrew Conover

    Hello maker of this video I am heading to LBI in June and would love it If you could let me know where this is and any tricks

  3. Tyler Kane

    Me and my cousins got houses on the canal system in beach heaven west. One of their neighbors caught a fluke last summer while I was over.

  4. Lmao Siege

    Hey man what type of lures or bait should I use in the bay?

  5. Rob Partelow

    what rod and reel are you using?

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