Stafford Inventor Solves Hairy Problem With FurZapper

Michael Sweigart is a born dilemma solver.
FurZapper is a resource for pet proprietors to acquire management of the pet fur that pervades their life.
Michael Sweigart of Manahawkin has been a creator/inventor given that childhood. He keeps a logbook of new thoughts for inventions and adds to it regularly. After earning his BA in psychology from Rutgers College, he has labored in promotion and had a number of compact marketing and electronic marketing and advertising companies. He also has knowledge and knowledge in chemistry and theatrical mask building. At a specific place, he grew to become a keep-at-home father, with two puppies, a cat … and a dwelling full of pet fur.
Noticing, like him, millions of people love their animals but loathe the laundry problem – i.e. fur and dander that cling to apparel, sheets, towels and rugs – Sweigart, a born challenge-solver, devised a way to reside in harmony with animals, without having sacrificing cleanliness and comfort.
Using an very adhesive silicone-dependent compound, he created a prototype and tossed it in the washing device and dryer in the hopes that the fur, dander and lint would adhere to the item as an alternative of the laundry. When all was mentioned and completed, he had a load of clean, fur-free of charge laundry.
The close outcome is the FurZapper, manufactured of 100-% pores and skin-secure silicone. He formally shaped the business in 2017. To date it has offered over 1.5 million models and counting, on-line, all through the U.S., in all Walmart suppliers, in Canada, the United kingdom and, most just lately, Japan.
“I sculpted the preliminary prototypes out of clay and made molds from plastic resin,” Sweigart defined. “After tests several silicone elements, I then designed samples. Right after requests from good friends and relatives, I produced extra samples and, due to common demand from customers, sought out a patent prior to providing them. Production for online orders started out of my basement, with me manufacturing all of the silicone FurZappers, packaging, and fulfillment of orders by way of USPS. Inevitably desire grew much too terrific, and I employed employees to develop, utilizing several molds and gallons of silicone. Need grew more, and we now have 3 production suppliers who make FurZappers about the clock.”
Eventually Sweigart’s invention allows pet entrepreneurs by “saving them time, income and means,” he reported. It can help prevent re-washing garments to rid them of pet hair, and is also reusable, producing it a sustainable choice to one-use lint rollers.
Normally contemplating and inventing, Sweigart claims he has a lot of new products in the operates for FurZapper and past.  —V.F.

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