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Gail Travers
May possibly 19, 2021

To the Editor:
Much demands to be performed to prepare residents and organizations about the wise determination New Jersey produced to ban numerous one-use plastics setting up in May possibly 2022. Your article (“Plastics Ban to Just take Effect in May 2022,” 5/12) is a stage in the suitable way to educate all people.
Plastic pollution is a enormous difficulty and 1 that’s not likely away any time soon because as soon as plastic is manufactured, it never ever goes absent. It breaks down into more compact and smaller sized and smaller sized items and can close up in our foods chain.
A significant challenge not talked about in the report was that most plastics are derived from fossil gas-primarily based chemical compounds like purely natural gasoline or petroleum and we do not have an infinite provide. We can all agree there is a will need for plastic, but the program need to be to use these confined assets for essential takes advantage of only. There are alternate options to trivial, single-use plastics.
As a kid I survived without one-use plastic. It is doable. Let’s do it now for the sake of our world, both regionally and globally.
Barbara Reynolds

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