Striped Bass On The Fly – Fishing Barnegat Light LBI New Jersey Aboard Fish Head Charters #LBI

November 7th 2020 – What a wonderful working day aboard Fish Head Charters! It was a stunning heat and sunny with mild winds… a ideal day for fly fishing. The weather and day aligned with a substantial system of migrating striped bass which staged up for most of the day near Barnegat Inlet.

Striped bass were being feeding on modest (bay anchovies, spearing, sandeels and baby silver hake aka whiting) bait up top. The fish weren’t blitzing but rolling routinely on the surface. Soon after a couple failed operate and gun tries early we observed that it was greatest to patiently intercept the fish by building very long stealthy drifts.

This day I experienced Tom Ohaus a quite passionate saltwater anglers and expert fly caster from Alaska onboard. After acquiring a wonderful time catching a handful of fish he encouraged me the captain to get in on the motion. I mounted a GoPro to the hardtop hand rail and went up on the bow in get to give him space in the cockpit.

In no time at all I noticed a couple of active fish pushing up wind straight to us. As seen in the online video, one particular fish reveals at about one particular-two o’clock off the bow. I built a speedy back hand cast which landed a very little bit quick but in front of the fish. I stripped my slack as brief as doable and almost right away the fish observed it and shut in. What felt light-weight minutes in slow motion at the time but was actually milliseconds… yet another extra intense striped bass arrived up and pushed the first bass out of the way stealing the fly.

It’s situations and memories like these that acquired me hooked on fly fishing and will preserve me hooked. There is certainly no far better bites than shorter match boat side slurps, slaps and rolls.

Thanks to Aftco, Cortland Line, Parker Boats, Rhodan Maritime

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