summer vacation 2019 pt.1 (palm reading!?) || Long Beach Island, NJ

Hope everyone is having an amazing day! This is just part one of my week long vlog since there is so much footage I want to share!!! Watch my friends and I enjoy the beach, town and get a psychic reading!
Thank you for watching!
Come back next week for a new video and watch my last video if you missed it-

Watch my Florida Vlog!

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  1. Colleen Park

    youre so pretty!

  2. carmina gonzalez

    new subbie, you’re so pretty!!! hopefully we can support each other <3!

  3. Carly Grace

    Love this video I can’t wait to see more videos I hope we can stay connected and support eachother I love your style and channel❤️

  4. Savannah Cesenaro

    Love the vid!! Seems like it was fun. New subbie. Hope we can support each other?

  5. Andrew Vitale

    The camera is pointed at you and not what your doing what a waste of time watching this self entitled nonsense was a complete waste of time.

  6. Lucky Charm

    I love lbi, I go every summer for a month to LBi, I move to Arizona from New Jersey, so hard to choose on what to bring every time would like to make a new friends do you go in August?

  7. brooke saykanics

    when u guys were on the beach u were literally on the part that connects to my street!!

  8. Logan Russak


  9. Andrew Vitale

    Who cares@dont flatter your self!

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